Aqua Spa Series

Aqua Spa series

Our Aqua Spa series is perfect for use by commercial enterprises of any size

Commercial steam rooms made simple

A steam room can greatly improve the spa experience your customers enjoy, and is an activity high in demand in spas and hotels across the UK. Aqua Steam Generators Ltd manufactures and supplies a wide range of generators, control panels and more from our South Wimbledon site, designed for use in commercial businesses such as:
  • Spas
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Health clubs
  • Sports clubs
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Commercial steam rooms made easy

The Aqua Spa commercial generator range consists of two sizes of generator; each has the option of three power settings giving the user the opportunity to adjust the steam output more accurately and efficiently for the size of room used. The smallest is switchable between 6, 9 or 12Kw and the largest is switchable between 18, 21 or 24Kw.

Our range of generators use one of three controls designed for the corporate environment.

The AKW control has a time clock to enable the steam generator to be turned on between set times and additionally by the touch of a button in the steam room, ideal for golf clubs and the like.

The second controller, the BKW, is designed for more constant use in health clubs or spas. It allows the generator to be automatically turned on and off at times decided by spa staff.

The CKW control enables the steam room management to turn the generator on constantly for busy periods and to run in standby mode in quieter times. 

For full details on our commercial steam generators, get in touch with Aqua Steam Generators Ltd via phone or email.  Based in South Wimbledon, we can deliver nationwide.
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